Article I. Party Name

Section 1.01 The name of this organization shall be the Central Oklahoma Libertarian Party or CENOKLP. From time to time, the organization may also refer to itself as the Libertarian Party of Central Oklahoma.

Article II. Affiliation

Section 2.01 The CENOKLP shall affiliate with the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma.

Article III. Purpose/Objectives

Section 3.01 The objectives of the CENOKLP are to enable citizens of central Oklahoma to organize into a political party and promote libertarian principles necessary to the existence of a free society by:

a) Publicizing the principles of libertarianism. b) Seeking out, developing, nominating, and campaigning for the election of Libertarian candidates to public office. c) Extending cooperation to other organizations and groups when this furthers libertarian principles and objectives.

Article IV. Membership

Section 4.01 Membership shall consist of voters registered as Libertarian with the Oklahoma Election Board and their registered address is within one of the following counties of Oklahoma:  Canadian, Cleveland, Lincoln, Oklahoma, Seminole, Grady, McClain, or Pottawatomie; or voters who shall declare to be a member of the CENOKLP by enrolling with the CENOKLP Secretary at such times as the Libertarian Party is not recognized by the State of Oklahoma.

Section 4.02 Members shall have the right to participate in the official affairs and governance of the CENOKLP in accordance with these Bylaws.

Section 4.03 Members may be delegates to any convention of the CENOKLP.

Section 4.04 Members may be elected to CENOKLP offices or appointed to non-elective offices by the Board of Directors.

Article V. Officers of the Party

Section 5.01 The officers of the CENOKLP shall be a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. Election of such officers shall be in Convention and will take office upon adjournment of the Convention and serve until adjournment of the next CENOKLP Biennial Convention wherein their successors have been elected. The Secretary and Treasurer position may be combined out of necessity as determined by the electing Convention.

Section 5.02 The Chairperson

a) The Chairperson is the chief executive officer of the CENOKLP and shall coordinate the activities of the Regional Executive Council and Party members in achieving the objectives and goals of the CENOKLP.

b) The Chairperson shall be responsible for the enforcement of these Bylaws and carrying out the directions and resolutions of the Regional Executive Council and the Regional Convention in accordance with these Bylaws.

c) The Chairperson shall assist in all Libertarian National, State and County campaigns and with all activities, functions, and campaigns within the area, unless these conflict fundamentally with the principles of the Party.

d) The Chairperson shall serve as a member of all standing committees.

e) The Chairperson shall preside over all meetings of the Regional Executive Council.

f) The Chairperson shall be the primary spokesperson for the CENOKLP, but may delegate this function to any other member in good standing.

g) The Chairperson shall insure that all Federal, State, and Local laws pertaining to political parties are complied with.

Section 5.03 The Vice Chairperson

a) The Vice Chairperson shall act as assistant to the Regional Chairperson and shall perform such duties as the Chairperson shall assign, and perform the duties of the Regional Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson and/or until a successor is chosen by the Regional Executive Council in case of a vacancy.

b) The Vice Chairperson shall oversee the planning and facilitation of the Regional Convention.

c) The Vice Chairperson shall arrange facilities and equipment for Regional Executive Council meetings.

Section 5.04 The Secretary

a) The Secretary shall be the recording officer at all Regional Executive Council meetings and Regional Conventions.

b) The Secretary shall maintain such records for future use and be responsible for all correspondence of the Regional Executive Council.

c) At the end of the Secretary’s term of office, the Secretary shall deliver to that person’s successor all property, books, and records of the Regional Executive Council and CENOKLP maintained by that person or in that person’s possession.

Section 5.05 The Treasurer

a) The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the Regional Executive Council and the CENOKLP and shall disburse the same in accordance with the decisions to spend such funds by the Regional Executive Council.

b) The Treasurer shall keep strict account of all receipts and disbursements, with the date thereof, from who received and to whom disbursed, and the purpose thereof.

c) The accounts of the Treasurer shall be accessible during normal business hours to any member of the Regional Executive Council, or to any Member in good standing if given reasonable notice, usually 24 hours advance notice.

d) The Treasurer shall report at such time or times as requested by the Regional Executive Council in such form as will provide all necessary information relative to the amount of receipts, disbursements, and cash balance, together with expenditures charged to each item of the budget and unexpended balance of the budget items.

e) At the end of the Treasurer’s term of office, the Treasurer shall deliver to that person’s successor all monies, property, books, and records of the Regional Executive Council and CENOKLP maintained by that person or in that person’s possession.

Article VI. Regional Executive Council and Central Committee

Section 6.01 The Regional Executive Council shall be composed of the following: (a) the four elected officers of the CENOKLP; (b) the immediate past Regional Chairperson, unless removed for cause; (c) up to six members nominated by the Chairperson and approved by 2/3 vote of the Executive Council.

Section 6.02 Any member of the Regional Executive Council who shall be absent from (2) successive regularly scheduled meetings specified in 6.04, may be removed from office for cause following a 2/3 vote of the Regional Executive Council.

Section 6.03 Subordinate only to the authority of a duly called and convened Convention of the CENOKLP, the Regional Executive Council is the supreme authority of the CENOKLP under these Bylaws. The Regional Executive Committee shall have the authority, by majority vote, except as otherwise provided herein, to perform all functions which the biennial Regional Convention might perform under these Bylaws except: (a) The Executive Council shall have no authority to amend, alter, or repeal any part of the Bylaws.

Section 6.04  There shall be regularly scheduled meetings of the Regional Executive Council held at least quarterly if not monthly. These meetings will be scheduled at least a month in advance and notice will be given to all members of the CENOKLP by publishing on the prescribed social media used to distribute CENOKLP information at a minimum. The Regional Executive Council shall always meet within 7 days of closing the Regional Party Convention, even if just to schedule a meeting at a better time. Special meetings may be called at any time either by the Regional Chairperson on the chair’s own initiative, or by the Regional Secretary, upon receipt of a written petition by one-fourth (1/4) of the members of the Executive Council. Any such petition shall specify the purpose of the meeting and the time and place the meeting is to be held. If the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson shall both be unavailable at the time specified for the meeting to begin, then the members present shall choose one person among them to preside at that meeting. No action shall be taken at any special meeting without the consent of a majority of the entire Executive Council. A quorum of the Regional Executive Council shall be a simple majority of the members of the Executive Council, excluding any vacancies. In order to have decisions made committing to the spending of CENOKLP money, the Treasurer or the Chairperson must be at the meeting.

Section 6.05 A vacancy in any position of the Regional Executive Council shall be filled for the unexpired term by majority vote of all of the remaining Council members, except that if there are three (3) or more vacancies, then the remaining members shall have the authority to call, by majority vote, a Special Regional Convention to fill those vacancies. If, for any reason, vacancies and absences preclude the Executive Council from obtaining a quorum for any regularly scheduled meeting, then any one (1) of the remaining members of the Executive Council shall have authority to issue a Call to Convention and the first Call issued shall be the valid Call and the member so issuing it shall convene and preside at that Convention. If the Executive Council should ever deadlock in attempting to fill any vacancy on the Council, then all members shall draw lots to disqualify one (1) member from voting on that vacancy.

Section 6.06 No duly elected officer or member of the Executive Council shall be removed from office except for cause as set forth in Section 6.02, gross negligence of duties, financial misconduct with CENOKLP funds, or a clear violation of the libertarian principles. Removal for cause shall require a hearing before a duly called meeting of the Executive Council. The cause must be set forth in writing and the removal must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Council. No person shall vote at a hearing for his/her own removal. If the charge is against the Chairperson, the hearing shall be conducted by a member of the Executive Council; such member shall be selected by the majority vote of the Executive Council for that purpose.

Section 6.07 The Regional Central Committee shall consist of the four Officers of the CENOKLP. The powers of the Regional Central Committee shall be those of the Regional Executive Council between regularly scheduled meetings of the Regional Executive Council and subject to ratification at the next Regional Executive Council meeting.

Article VII. Regional Conventions

Section 7.01 The Party shall meet every 2 years in a Regional Convention held during even numbered years during the months of March, April, or May. The Regional Convention shall be scheduled to comply with Libertarian Party of Oklahoma requirements. Officers and members of the Regional Executive Council shall be elected at this time. If this bylaw is accepted at a Convention during an odd-numbered year, officers voted upon during that Convention shall serve a one year term. Amendments to the Platform and Bylaws of the CENOKLP may be considered at any convention. The Regional Executive Council at any time in the interests of the CENOKLP, may direct the Chairperson, or if that person be not available or if said office is vacant, the Secretary, to issue a Call for special meetings or Conventions and shall fix the times and places thereof. The procedure for calling regular Regional Conventions shall apply to the calling of special meetings and conventions so far as applicable and not inconsistent with these Bylaws.

Section 7.02 The Regional Executive Council shall fix the times and places for holding Regional Conventions of the CENOKLP. The Regional Executive Council shall direct the Vice-Chairperson, or if that person be not available, or said office is vacant, the Secretary, to issue the Call to Convention no less than (30) days prior to the fixed date for convening the Regional Convention. The Regional Executive Council may permit the Vice-Chairperson, or Secretary, as the case may be, to fix the exact hour and place of conventions consistent with these Bylaws. The Regional Executive Council at the time a Call to Convention is issued shall fix such delegate registration fees, if any, as it deems appropriate, so long as such fees are equal for all delegates; and, may at any time designate such officials as may be necessary to arrange for a Convention. The Regional Executive Council shall meet immediately preceding any State Convention for the purpose of establishing the organization of the Regional Convention and thereafter make its report and recommendations to the Regional Convention.

Section 7.03 Any member of the CENOKLP under the guidelines set forth in Article IV and who registers and pays Convention dues (as determined by the Regional Executive Council) may participate in the Convention and shall be recognized as a delegate. Guests of the Convention need not pay the Convention dues.

Section 7.04 Prior to the Convention, the Regional Executive Council may designate such Convention officials, assistants, and committees as may be necessary to arrange for the Convention.

Section 7.05 The order of reports to the Convention shall be Credentials, Rules, Platform and lastly any other reports in such order as the Regional Executive Council shall designate at the time of their selection.

Section 7.06 All nominations for candidates for Party offices shall be from the floor and no nominations by committee shall be permitted. In voting for candidates for Party office, voting shall be by Australian ballot (aka secret ballot).

Section 7.07 The order of business at conventions shall be established by the Regional Executive Council in the Call to Convention; however, a petition by twenty (20) percent of the delegate-members shall be sufficient to place any legitimate item on the agenda for consideration by the Convention.

Section 7.08 A quorum at a Convention shall be a majority of those delegate-members registered as attending the Convention.

Section 7.09 Debate on any question shall be limited to twenty (20) minutes and no person shall speak for more than five (5) minutes on any given question. If debate on any question extends to the time limit, then the Chairperson must immediately call for a vote to extend debate.

Section 7.10 There shall be no proxy voting in Convention.

Section 7.11 The Platform adopted at the first Annual Convention of the CENOKLP shall remain the Platform of the CENOKLP thereafter, except additional planks may be included thereafter by a three-fourth (3/4) vote. The deletion of an existing plank may be done by a simple majority vote.

Article VIII. Open Party Meetings

Section 8.01 All conventions and meetings of the CENOKLP, its Regional Executive Council, and any committees shall be open to the attendance of both the general public and any representative of the press. This shall not be construed to give any person the right to participate, unless they have fulfilled all other requirements for participation as set forth here in.

Article IX. Public Statements

Section 9.01 Party officials asked to comment on issues or events shall not be restrained or restricted from speaking their opinion with the disclaimer that their statements may not reflect the official opinion of the CENOKLP.

Article X. Financial and Fiscal Affairs

Section 10.01 The Regional Executive Council shall conduct the financial and fiscal affairs of the Party as it deems necessary or as required by law.

Section 10.02 No person acting in his capacity as a member, official, or employee of the CENOKLP shall accept any money contribution or any other thing of value, except for labor services voluntarily donated, without tendering a receipt for the contribution showing the source and date of transfer. However, money received by the CENOKLP from mass collections of cash, or from anonymous sources, shall be accepted, provided the person taking possession of such monies shall execute an affidavit declaring that he has no knowledge of the identity of the contributor. Any member, official, or employee of the CENOKLP who shall be convicted of executing a false affidavit in this regard shall be immediately expelled from office by the Regional Executive Council or their employment terminated. Any person expelled or terminated under this provision shall be barred from participation in CENOKLP affairs for a period set by the Regional Executive Council, not to exceed seven (7) years.

Section 10.03 Emergency Management of Party Funds - The Chairperson and Treasurer, jointly, shall have authority to immediately withdraw any and all Party funds from deposit in any financial institution, if, in their opinion, those funds are in jeopardy for any reason. In the event they shall disagree, Regional Executive Council shall be consulted and its decision shall be final. In the event it becomes necessary to withdraw such funds, they shall immediately be converted to cash or medium of exchange at the best rate obtainable and in whichever form or portion shall be deemed prudent in an institution believed to be more securing in the opinion of the Regional Chairperson and the Regional Treasurer. Whenever the Regional Chairperson and the Regional Treasurer believe it necessary to invoke the emergency management authority provided herein, they shall immediately notify the Regional Executive Council and request that the Chairperson, and as many members as may be able, accompany the Chairperson and the Treasurer to witness all transactions involved, copy necessary documents and records, and monitor all actions taken by the two officers pursuant to this section of the Bylaws. The two officers shall be authorized to make such expenditures as are necessary to safeguard the funds or assets of the Party pursuant to this section. The Regional Executive Council shall establish such standing rules (not in conflict with this section) to affect the expeditious discharge of the duties imposed herein as they shall deem necessary.

Article XI. Administration

Section 11.01 The Regional Executive Council shall perform the administration of the CENOKLP as needed or as required by state law.

Section 11.02 Neither the Regional Executive Council nor any subordinate organ or officer of the CENOKLP shall have the authority to bind the CENOKLP in any contract, lease, or agreement for a period which exceeds thirty-seven (37) months, except in matters relating to suits at law in which the CENOKLP is itself a party.

Article XII. Affiliation with the Oklahoma Libertarian Party

Section 12.01 The State Party Chairperson and the State Party Treasurer shall have access to CENOKLP records upon reasonable notice in accordance with Section 12.02 of the Oklahoma Libertarian party Bylaws.

Article XIII. Amendments

Section 13.01 These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the member-delegates at any duly called Convention.

Section 13.02 Amendments to these Bylaws shall become effective immediately upon adoption by a Convention. The Regional Executive Council shall make these Bylaws available on the digitally or in a printed version upon request to any Member.

Section 13.03 These Bylaws may only be amended by vote of the delegates at a Regional Convention.

Section 13.04 In addition to amendments proposed by the Rules Committee of any Convention, proposed amendments to these Bylaws shall be considered at any Regional Convention only by either of the following methods: (a) One-fifth (1/5) or more members of the Regional Executive Council may submit proposed amendments directly to the convention, provided a brief statement of each proposal is enclosed in the Call to Convention. (b) Ten (10) or more delegates of a Regional Convention may submit proposed amendments which shall be included in the report of the Rules Committee, with or without recommendation by that committee, provided said proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the CENOKLP not less than five (5) days preceding a Regional Convention. The Regional Secretary shall promptly refer such proposed amendments to the Chairperson of the Rules Committee for that Convention.

Section 13.05 No amendment to these Bylaws shall change the status of any person at a Regional Convention, for the duration of that Regional Convention. Also, no amendment, in any event, shall invalidate action properly taken under previous Bylaws.

Article XIV. Parliamentary Authority

Section 14.01 The Rules contained in the current edition of ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER, NEWLY REVISED, shall govern parliamentary procedure in all conventions, caucuses, meetings, and convention committees in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these Bylaws and any special rules or order the CENOKLP may adopt.

Article XV. Adoption

Section 15.01 These Bylaws shall go into effect upon being adopted by simple majority vote of the registered participants present and voting at the First Annual Regional Convention.